Success Story: Mr. V.

Mr. V. came to Hacienda Oaks Nursing & Rehab unable to safely eat and drink by mouth. He was at risk for choking and aspirating as well as not meeting his nutritional needs. Therefore, Mr. V. had to have an alternate means of receiving nutrition and hydration. This prevented him from being able to socialize with others and attend meals or special events.

Mr. V. started speech therapy to regain the ability and skill to swallow foods and liquids safely. An individualize plan of treatment was created for him with a focus on strengthening the lips, and tongue, and jaw as well as promoting closure of the airway to prevent material from entering the lungs. Mr. V. also participated with Vital Stim therapy to further strengthen the swallowing muscles. Through his hard work, he is now eating and drinking, attending meals in the dining room, and being able to join in the offered activities. Mr. V. is a true success story, and we celebrate his success.