Success Stories: Kazimierz B.

Kazimierz B. came to Hacienda Oaks after being hospitalized for a CVA and pneumonia. He was admitted with a PEG and trach tube. His activity tolerance was very limited and was unable to perform ADL’s without moderate assistance. Kazimierz was very motivated working with OT, PT and ST. He was taught and completed diaphragmatic breathing techniques to promote greater respiratory support allowing him to maintain adequate oxygen level for removal of the trach tube. With ST he completed oral motor exercises including VitalStim and vocal fold adduction exercises and acquired a greater oral movement for speech and louder vocal intensity so he was able to be heard when speaking. He worked hard with OT and PT as well and increased his ability for self-care. Nursing staff daily trained him for the ability to perform his PEG feeding with independence. Working hard with the rehab and nursing team he was able to return home with his family. Kazimierz was determined for his goal and we are very happy for him!