Rehabilitation at Hacienda Oaks

You have a choice where you would like to receive your rehabilitation/therapy.

If you have a loved one who has been admitted into a hospital (one far away like San Antione) then he or she will likely need some type of therapy to recover from that hospital stay. Usually, that admitting Physician will want to keep you in their hospital system or refer you to a rehab center that might be even further away. This can be a hardship for any family member. It can be very demanding on that family member having to visit the loved one – fighting traffic, gas process etc. can wear you down. You have a choice where you do your therapy. After the hospital stay, you can receive therapy here at Hacienda Oaks. We have a wonderful team that is fully staff with Physical, Occupational and Speech therapist. We can build your endurance to where you were before that hospital stay. Tell that Physician or Discharge Coordinator that you want to Rehab at Hacienda Oaks.