A Letter from Our Administrator

Health care is hard – both mentally and physically. Our jobs are challenging, hard, emotional, physical and at time stressful. As a caregiver, we’ve been given a gift – we are able to treat others with dignity and respect. We bring smiles to people when we listen, help or provide support. The job everyone does is important. Activities can provide range of motion, friendship and stimulation. Music can relax, it can motivate. It can stimulate. It is important that we have the residents needs met – everyone, NOT just those to whom you were assigned.

How our residents look reflects on us. Our work is seen in how their hair is combed, how their breath smells, how they are dressed. We know our residents sometimes change their clothes or mess up their hair. We know people may presume we didn’t do everything we could when they glance at one of our residents. It is important that we know we’ve done everything and then redone everything as needs present themselves. It’s important that we’re proud of who we are and what we do.

Appreciate others, recognize their efforts.

Brent Limmer, Administrator